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Meet Our Founder

Sleep Is For Billionaires LLC is a Digital Media Company distributing video and audio content such as podcasts, music, and clothing & accessories.


Our mission is to highlight the many areas of opportunity available in the entertainment industry not only on screen but also behind the scenes. Many only dream of the limited opportunities of being on screen but neglect to realize the many areas of opportunity available behind the scenes which can advance their careers greatly.


Our podcast interviews celebrities and entrepreneurs on-the-scene and behind-the-scenes on how to become an industry professional.


Our music offers motivation with style by our founder Song Writer, Actor, and Film Producer Shayanne (Jonni Vegaz) Andujar.


Born and raised in The Bronx, New York, it was at the age of 9 that he began to grow a passion for music when he began writing down the lyrics of songs by other artists which ultimately enabled him to learn song writing format to create songs of his own. His Dominican roots exposed him to a wider variety of music and culture which allowed him expand his creativity. From then on, his passion for music grew and he began participating in numerous rap battles and talent shows and quickly became well known for his rap talent.

At age 16, he got into a physical altercation with some guys from the neighborhood and his family relocated him to Paterson, N.J. where his ambition for music grew even stronger, collaborating with other local artists from his neighborhood. Featured on mixtapes hosted by local d.js, and performing at nightclubs was only the beginning. After 9/11, he and his family moved down to Tampa, FL were he released his debut mixtape, ''Stop da Bank Vol.1 & 2'', following up with "Champagne Hangovers" which quickly gained him local fame. Continuing to perform at open mic shows, releasing music, and appearing on various mixtapes. He founded Stop Da Bank Entertainment, releasing albums including ''Life Is Good'', "Sleep Is For Billionaires 1 & 2", and "The LL Cool J Project" currently available on iTunes.

As he continued selling his music, he discovered an area of opportunity to fund his dreams and improve his sales skills by working at telemarketing call centers as a salesman.

As an aspiring actor and producer, he moved to Los Angels, CA and worked on over 100+ film projects and began producing over 150+ podcasts giving guidance to the future generation of entrepreneurs and entertainers.

After years of sales experience, both in the corporate and entertainment world he now has obtained his real estate sales license and continues to executive produce music, films, and host podcasts bringing the Stop Da Bank Entertainment empire worldwide. 

Our clothing brand "Sleep Is For Billionaires" represents a motto to live by if you want to be successful. No matter how hard the obstacle, never give up and always keep pushing forward with the attitude that success is just one more hour of hustle away.

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